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Each Person Matters

East Ayrshire Churches Homelessness Action (EACHa) is a charity that was set up to help relieve hardship or distress experienced by people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless within East Ayrshire.

EACHa (East Ayrshire Churches Homelessness Action) is an ecumenical charity, formed in 2005, with around 20 participating congregations.

Our Action Plan

A Plan Within a Plan

Kilmarnock experiences frequent incidents of anti-social behaviour. Retailers, shoppers, and those in authority are impacted. What we see in Kilmarnock town is affluence and poverty existing in parallel with a large majority of people looking the other way.

Our experience at East Ayrshire Churches Homeless (EACHa) affirms that among our most vulnerable people in our community there is very little self-worth. Lives are lived with no purpose and no hope of life improving. There is a need to interrupt the continuing cycle and the sense of low aspiration and achievement which is the fate of so many born into disadvantage. Grinding poverty is tangible.

Transforming communities begins with the vision of a few people and others catching that vision to make things better. This requires good support around basic physical and mental health. People need the basics – a home, a source of income, and something to do. The needs of our most vulnerable in our community are no different from the needs of the rest of the population. And yet services struggle to deliver.

There are multiple configurations of services and resourcing and there is a stigma associated with the most vulnerable homeless and those with serious addictions. This impacts on services, the resources allocated to them, and how they work with other mainstream services including housing, employment, education, and training.

The EACHa/Community Friends Action Plan sits within the Celebrate Kilmarnock Town Centre Action Plan. Our town, and the surrounding area, is for everyone, those with disposable income, those in positions of authority, and those with no income, the very poor and vulnerable. For all who live, work, shop and simply enjoy our community. Each person matters. Those in positions of authority must confront and understand the humanity of those whose lives their decisions affect. Those living vulnerable and chaotic lives must do the same. Transformation will only come by all talking to each other, working together. After two conferences and the publication of a hard hitting Action Plan, it is now time for action. The recommendations of the Plan are achievable. There is a will to make the necessary changes to begin to transform the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. Together – professional bodies, agencies, churches, volunteers, partners, staff and citizens– we must work harder and honour the commitment to transform lives now and inspire lasting hope for the future.


About EACHa

Available Support

Available Support

Community Friends

A befriending service for people at risk of becoming homeless, or who have been homeless and are trying to rebuild their lives.

Available Support

Hygiene and Wellbeing Packs

EACHa provide a hygiene pack to every man, woman and child who presents as homeless in East Ayrshire.

Available Support

Fresh Start

Providing essential household items for people moving from temporary furnished accommodation to a tenancy.

Available Support

EACH Recovery Matters

Recovery groups, activities, and volunteering opportunities within East Ayrshire.