New Laigh Kirk hall, 35 John Finnie St, Kilmarnock KA1 1BL



Emma has been coming along now for 2 years. She works for ASDA and is the Community Champion. As part of her role, Emma gets to volunteer within the local community for one day a week. Emma volunteers at Onthank Primary School breakfast club, and a full day with Community Friends.

Emma loves coming here, in fact she comes along even when she is on annual leave as she really looks forward to speaking to everyone and catching up with how they have got on over the weekend.

Emma really sees the benefit of Community Friends as people can come along and get some help and information in relation to housing, or to speak to the homeless nurse who is here every week. She can see the difference that it is making and she feels that she has built up a good relationship with some of the group members.

Emma’s future hopes would be to see some progression being made by the people who attend. She really feels that more support is required for the group members who are trying to go through detox.


Goals For The Future

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